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  • Marc Jablon

Imagine That Promo - 10 Years Later

I started Imagine That Promo over 10 years ago with my best friend Jason. We recognized a problem with most promotional products companies, they just sell you a bunch of junk. Why did we call it junk? Well if you have a bunch of products you don't need sitting in a storage closet someplace, it's junk.

In our research we discovered a little trick that most promotional products companies used in order to entice orders. They post attractive per unit prices for items and then add Set Up Fees to make up the difference. These fees normally range from $50 to $250 per order.

That's why we decided NO SET UP FEES. When you place an order for an item, you get the price quoted. The only additional fees are shipping and tax. We believe that’s the right way to conduct business.

Now starting a new business is never easy and I have to thank all of those who have been with me from the start and still continue to support us today. First, thank you Jason, Daniella, and Tanya. You have always supported me and I appreciate you more than you know. Thank you to the West Orange Chamber of Commerce. The majority of my business comes from relationships that I have developed through the Chamber. Finally to our team at We Are Winter Garden and Imagine Marketing, you continue to bring your drive and passion to work each day. Your dedication to our community is truly an inspiration.

What's Next?

Imagine That Promo has always been about more than just promotional products and apparel.

We want our clients to feel good about their purchase and buy products for a marketing purpose. It is for this reason, we spend additional time with our clients to learn more about their business and provide additional support. That's why this year we are changing the name of Minion Media Group to Imagine Marketing. Imagine Marketing is a full-service marketing firm designed to bring your ideas to life. From video production services and promotional products, right through to multi-media marketing channels – our experts can help you make a real impact. Thank you to all our friends who have helped make the last 10 Years a success. Please share our story and tell your friends. For more information on Imagine That Promo and Imagine Marketing visit and

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