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Networking and Party Tips for Best Fest, The Taste of West Orange

The West Orange Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that Best Fest, The Taste of West Orange food tasting and business expo returns after a brief hiatus. Enjoy the Taste of West Orange as you indulge in a variety of beer, wine, and spirits along with many delicious food offerings from some of the best local restaurants, bars, caterers, and breweries that West Orange County has to offer.

Best Fest is an amazing event with more than 50 incredible vendors for you to enjoy throughout the night. Hundreds of business associates will be there enjoying the festivities, but what is the best way to network so you get the most out of the Event. Here are some networking keys to success:

1.The most important business card is the one you receive, not the one you give.

Best Fest will be busy. You must assume that the person you’re speaking with will receive dozens of business cards. Your business card may get lost, forgotten, or confused with another prospect. Therefore, you must take the responsibility to receive their contact information, and follow up.

2. You will be forgotten within 48 hours of your meeting.

Maybe sooner! Perhaps you plan on having a few drinks and you and your new “best friend” agreed that the two of you working together could conquer the world. Unfortunately after the meeting your “new best friend” got a call from his wife and now has to pick up pizza on the way home. This weekend his daughter has a dance recital, and now he's busy watching Tik Tok videos. You better assume as FACT that no matter how engaging you were at the meeting, that your prospect, like you, has a life outside of business and your failure to follow up immediately will result in you being forgotten!

3. If you are waiting for someone to email or call you….you will be disappointed!

As mentioned above, you will be forgotten within 48 hours of your meeting. So if you’re under the assumption that someone is going to email or call you as if they have no life outside of you….you will be disappointed. Don’t be afraid to take the first step, even if they “promised” to email or call. Just send a “thank you”. Tell them you loved meeting them.

4. No one will “Like” you, “Accept” you, or “Follow” you unless you’re willing to take the first step!

In the world of social networking, I hear all the time “Like” me on Facebook, “Accept” my invitation on LinkedIn, or “Follow” me on Instagram. Try taking the first step. Make sure you're the one to send the social media invitations. Take pictures and ask your friends about their business pages. You’ll be surprised at how well you are received when you show an interest in some one else's business. Make sure to tag the West Orange Chamber of Commerce, We Are Winter Garden, and The Local to get the most engagement in West Orange County.

5. Even in the 21 Century, face-to-face marketing is still the most effective manner for getting business done.

21 Century Technology is great. We can accomplish so much from behind our computers, our tablets, and smart phones. But don’t use technology as an excuse to avoid real inter personal relationships. Learning how to network face to face while utilizing technology to quickly and effectively follow up is the key to generating real business.

Final tip - HAVE FUN! People like to do business with people they like. Don't take yourself or business so seriously. Most people who are there will want to enjoy the amazing food and drinks from all over West Orange County. Use the tips above as a way to follow up. If you have any question or just need a friend to network with, please look for your friends at the West Orange Chamber, We Are Winter Garden, and The Local. We're here to help!

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