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So Good We Have to Share!

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

When you are blessed to find such an amazing talent like Jon Burket, you want to share his gift with everyone. Jon Burket's local photography is showcased in many businesses and institutions throughout Winter Garden. Burket currently has prints in the SOBO Art Gallery, Main House Market, Pammie’s Sammies and even local residents’ homes.

In addition to his role as the General Manager for We Are Winter Garden and Imagine Marketing, Jon Burket is known for several different styles of photography — including wildlife, landscapes, travel, golf, and of course Winter Garden events. After losing his job at Golf Channel in 2020, Burket decided to take a chance and spent a few months honing in on his photography skills, researching and eventually buying cameras and gear to learn the science behind the perfect picture.

Right around that time, We Are Winter Garden announced a photo contest with 12 categories, and Burket decided to treat the categories like a job to explore different types of photography. He went on to win seven of the 12 categories. When Jon went to pick up his prize, he met the team and a couple weeks later began working with them.

“Jon is a diamond in the rough. It is extremely rare to find someone who is both creative and dedicated to delivering quality work on a timely basis. We a truly lucky to work with him" stated Marc Jablon, We Are Winter Garden.

We are so proud to support Jon Burket Photography and we are happy to share his work with the Winter Garden community this month at the the SOBO Art Gallery. The "Top Choice Awards" Exhibition will be on display April 1st through May 27th at SOBO Art Gallery. For more information visit To order Jon Burket Photography Prints visit

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